Repairs & Servicing

*Guideline Prices - Exact costing may be lower subject to instrument inspection. All prices exclude cost of strings/replacement components. If you have a query about a job that isn’t listed below, feel free to get in touch for quotation!


As per requirement, our service includes truss rod adjustment, setting of string radius and bridge height, intonation, clean and polish of frets, clean and condition of fingerboard, nut slotting, cleaning of electrical wiring harness, pick up balancing and full body buff, clean and polish.
  • Acoustic Guitars: £48

  • Electric Guitars (Fixed Bridge): £48

  • Electric Guitars (Trem Bridge): £48

  • Electric Guitars (Locking Trem): £66

  • Full Restring: From £15


  • Output Jack Repair: £18

  • Other Wiring Services: From £24

  • Pickup Fitting: From £25

  • Wiring Harness Refitting: From £48


  • Tailor-made Nut: From £40

  • Headstock Repair: From £65

  • Fret Dress (includes set-up): From £100

  • Refretting: From £240