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Martin Authentic Acoustic Strings SP 80/20 Bronze - Medium 13-56

Martin Authentic Acoustic Strings SP 80/20 Bronze - Medium 13-56

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Martin SP 80/20 Bronze Light 13-56 Acoustic Guitar Strings are named Superior Performance for a very good reason. They are exceptionally well engineered and can withstand hours of rigorous performance. Thanks to the high tensile-strength core wire and tin-plate for improved corrosion resistance, each string boasts fantastic resilience no matter how enthusiastically you rock out. Completing the package is high quality wrap wire that ensures your tone remains consistent and rings out truly each and every time. The Medium gauge of the 13-56s offers a heavy feel, which is ideal for those who like to dig in more when playing. As ever the dynamic response of the strings is nothing short of awesome, delivering a sparkling quality that rings true from every note. Whether you're deftly fingerpicking or strumming with gusto you can rest assured that your performance will ring true. Established way back in 1833, Martin have a wealth of experience when it comes to their craft. They are continually evolving to ensure that they are at the top of their game, and the SP 80/20 Bronze Light 13-56 acoustic guitar strings set a fine example for others to follow.


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