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Ritter Carouge Electric Guitar Bag - Elephant Grey

Ritter Carouge Electric Guitar Bag - Elephant Grey

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Carouge is considered the “Greenwich Village of Geneva” due to its artistic and bohemian scene. The simple exterior offers reliable protection, stability and comfort appreciated in everyday life with design features, especially Ritter's new badge option, allowing you to bring out your own style and lets the bag become an expression of your personality.

Fits electric guitar - internal dimensions:
Length 1010mm
Upper Bout 345mm
Lower Bout 370mm
Depth 65mm

23mm front & back padding

23mm side padding

Reflective logo

3 reflective bars at the bottom

Anti-wear base & side

A4 flat pocket

Headstock pocket

Inside headstock pocket

Inside pick/String pocket

Headstock protection

Headstock strap

Ergonomic padded handle

Adjustable Back Pack Straps

Back handle

Swappable Velcro badges


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